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The Swell's member selection process is thoughtful and, of course, somewhat subjective. We do not discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status, or profession. We do, however, filter for a level of candor, openness, generosity of spirit, and the potential for meaningful contribution to the conversations that matter most at this life stage. We are interested in those who listen intently and who aren’t just biding their time until it’s their turn to talk—people who, no matter how accomplished, never assume they are the smartest person in the room. And we are vetting for those who are hell-bent on living their second half with an even greater sense of passion, curiosity, honesty, purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

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The Swell’s membership committee will review all applications, taking into consideration any notes of recommendation from existing members, before making a decision on acceptance. Please note that processing turnaround time is subject to membership capacity limitations at any given time.

Applications call for standard contact and job information. Perhaps most importantly though is the applicant’s response to questions such as, “In what ways have you become bolder as you've gotten older?”, "What is your most rational fear?", and "What is the trait that you most value in others that you yourself do not have?"

The Swell does not have a “type” per se. Quite the opposite. We believe it is the diversity of life experiences, professions, and backgrounds within our membership body that will allow us to raise the level of conversation to new and meaningful heights.

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Feel free to be as ponderous or whimsical as you would like in your replies.We're not looking for the list of accomplishments or the humble brag, We're just looking for honesty and self awareness.

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