Welcome to Our Inaugural
Sex Symposium!

Enjoy 5+ hours of compelling content featuring a mix of informative TED-like talks & thought-provoking panel discussions and Q&A’s, providing insights and actionable advice from leading doctors and experts specializing in sexual health & menopause.

This special on-demand program extends far beyond just sex – it’s about our relationship to pleasure, to our bodies, to ourselves, and to each other. It addresses how various factors in our lives, such as stress, (peri)menopause, lifestyle choices, confidence issues, and libido differences, impact our mental, physical, and sexual well‑being.

Welcome Introduction!

Alisa Volkman and Dr. Kelly Casperson welcome attendees and introduce The Sex Symposium, its mission, and its commitment to women's sexual health by providing valuable insights, education and a supportive community.

The Power of Pleasure-Centered Sex

Dr. Emily Morse kickstarts the symposium by urging attendees to break free from limiting beliefs surrounding sex. She champions a paradigm shift towards pleasure-focused sex, challenging conventional norms and highlighting the significance of prioritizing pleasure in our sexual encounters.

Why Sexual Wellness Matters

Dr. Somi Javaid examines the often-overlooked issue of women's sexual healthcare, emphasizing its profound impact on overall well-being. She advocates that sexual health is an integral part of healthcare and essential for strengthened relationships, improved physical and mental health, and enhanced confidence.

Under the Hood: Unveiling Secrets of Pelvic Health

Dr. Kelly Casperson and Dr. Rachel Rubin reveal the secrets of pelvic health, shedding light on topics like GSM, anorgasmia, the significance of vaginal estrogen, UTIs, and more.

Minding the Gaps & Toying with Pleasure: Navigating Desire, Arousal & Libido Differences

In this enlightening discussion, Dr. Kelly Casperson, Dr. Rachel Rubin, Dr. Laurie Mintz and Dr. Alyssa Dweck discuss the intricacies of relationships, communication, intimacy, and the challenges of navigating diverse relationship dynamics, including differences in libido, arousal, and desire.

Wet Hot Tub American Summer

Lynn Harris hilariously recounts her unforgettable last adventure as a single woman, braving the wilderness with three cowboys, leaving us with a valuable lesson.

Making it Last

In her enlightening talk, Emily Nagoski delves into the often-misunderstood world of sexual desire and pleasure, emphasizing that pleasure is the true measure of a fulfilling sexual experience. Drawing from her extensive research, she explores the importance of prioritizing pleasure and shares insights on maintaining satisfying, long-term relationships.

Arouse Your Desire

Dr. Emily Morse, Dr. Laurie Mintz, Marissa Nelson and Tamsen Fadal offer a compelling and informative discussion on rekindling intimacy and navigating the complexities of relationships. They share practical, science-backed insights to help couples rediscover lasting connections and satisfaction in their intimacy.

Pharma’s Biggest Blindspot: Women’s Bodies

Cindy Eckert shares her remarkable journey of challenging industry norms and paving the way for women's sexual health. Through her personal story of triumph against Big Pharma, Cindy reveals the groundbreaking development of the first FDA-approved pill for women's libido.

Rythmic Reset

Percussionist Caleb Spaulding leads us through a transformative journey of rhythm. In this meditative sound experience, explore the profound connection between rhythm, vitality, and sensuality.

It Takes Two to Tango: A Couple’s Guide to Men’s Issues

Dr. Mohit Khera, a leading urology expert, delves into the hidden truths about erectile dysfunction (ED) and its impact on men's health. He emphasizes the significance of treating both men and their partners, highlighting that sexual dysfunction is a couples' issue.

Breaking Free from the Pleasure Thieves

Join Dr. Emily Morse and Dr. Emily Nagoski as they explore the impact of shame, stress, trauma, and breaches of trust on our ability to experience pleasure. Drawing from their expertise, they provide valuable insights and actionable advice for discovering joy and confidence in your body and relationships.

The Highs of Aging: The Case for Cannabis in Our Wellness Journey

Dr. Staci Gruber, a leading expert in cannabis research, explores the potential benefits of cannabis in our wellness journey as we age. She shares insights from her extensive two-decade study on the impact of recreational cannabis use on the brain, backed by neurocognitive assessments and cutting-edge brain imaging techniques.

Navigating Life's Curveballs: Lessons from My Cancer Journey

Chip Conley candidly shares his personal journey with metastatic prostate cancer and the unexpected andropausal symptoms he's experienced as a result. He shares the profound lessons and newfound awareness he's gained from his transformative experience.

Take Back Your Sex Life

Join this dynamic panel discussion on reclaiming your sexual wellness and overall health. Dr. Kelly Casperson, Dr. Somi Javaid, Dr. Heidi Flagg and Latham Thomas explore how lifestyle choices and the challenges of life stages, such as menopause, GSM, anxiety, depression, stress, nutrition, and chronic pain, impact your well-being.

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