Join us and leading sound facilitators for an intimate, life-changing experience through sound.

Together we have designed a unique vibrational experience that will work with your mind, body and being to allow for profound emotional shifts, release of energetic blockages, inspiration, retrieval of memories and expanded awareness.

Expect a full day of connection, exploration, reconnection, healing and renewal followed by lite bites and conversation.

Areas of personal inquiry we will explore range from unhealthy attachments you want to release, where certain emotions and behaviors show up in your life, fears that are preventing you from sharing love fully with others, negative beliefs you carry, where you would like to feel more love and acceptance, who you would like to forgive, where you could you give more devotion and commitment, what you give your heart fully to, and more.


Breathe, let go,
— heal.

what to expect

Experience a meaningfully deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose, as well as a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.
A guided journey into a new state of consciousness that allows you to disconnect from habitual thoughts and patterns and activate new neural pathways.
Discover the power of healing alongside like-minded souls who are collectively navigating similar challenges and opportunities that are unique to this phase of life.
Experience expansive sound frequencies that will help you deeply relax and rebalance your body's energy and emotions.


Sound Journey Policies + FAQs

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